Wedding exits are always so fun. We've had some really great ones this year. There were a bunch of unique ones, and I love them all! With the end of 2014 weddings, I wanted to post a few of my favorites. :) Click to see them larger!

SNOW. What! 

Ribbons- fantastic idea for a daytime exit! 

Cara and Kyle used lavender (smelled amazing) and ribbon poppers. It was perfect. Easy clean-up, too! 

I love this. Covered in ribbons and headed to the adorable getaway car! 

You can't go wrong with sparklers! They add so much light, and they make for such a beautiful photo!

I wanted to add a couple to this one, I love how surprised Alan was! 

Yes- I do ask all of my couples to pause for a kiss in the sparklers! Who wouldn't want a photo like this? 

I have to tell you, for this exit, there was a gentleman standing right in the middle of the isle for most of it! The videographer and I kept saying, "excuse me! excuse me! clear the isle please!" Exits are fast, you know! Finally, he stepped to the side, and I kind of love his big sparkler right in front of me. Sometimes what I think is an error, turns out pretty great. 

This isn't technically an "exit" shot, but I love it so much. Kathryne and Sergi came to me all the way from Spain. Kathryne is from here, and I was so excited to be a part of their Arkansas wedding. (they had one in Spain, too!) After we finished their couples portraits, I snagged this one as they were walking away. They are adorable.